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F.O.W Foundation of Hope  

Uplifting Women & Girls in Our Communities

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Our goal as a Non Profit organization is to help women,girls and trans women who have been exposed to or are currently dealing with abuse, financial distress, discrimination, or neglect. Here at F.O.W Foundation of Hope our vision is to provide women, girls, and trans women with the needed support to help change the narrative of their current situations and expose these women and girls to resources and active programs that will help individuals with education, employment, and shelter. We are confident that in being the bridge between low-income communities and these incentives, we will provide the needed tools to steer their lives in the right direction to achieve success.

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From workshops, seminars, networking socials, and fundraising dinners. F.O.W events will work with recognized individuals within our communities to ensure all events held are full of education, purpose and empowering activities. Check out our event page for a full list of all upcoming workshops. 

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Volunteer, Participate or Donate

It takes a Village to uplift and support our young adults and girls of tomorrow, and there are a lot of ways our community can help  you can contact us at :

Upcoming Events

Acknowledging that our differences make us unique but together we are strong  

Providing the tools needed to ensure all women across all walks of life have a chance to change the narrative of their journey.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

Maya Angelou

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