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We are in control of our own Utopia

A flawless world where pessimism should not be the order of the day

A Flawless world where pessimism should not be the order of the day is a deep-down thought that makes one wonder about the world we find ourselves today living in. Almost two years of a Global Pandemic with no end in sight can be pessimistic but does not have to be. A world with endless Wars, Terrorist attacks (Local and Internationally), can with a doubt, caused panic and pessimistic thoughts, but it does not have to be. A world where there is so much poverty, diseases, hunger, violence, and increase anti-social behaviour does raise the need for pessimism, but should not be. Ask yourself this question, what am I pessimistic about? Are these issues that I can control? If not, why be pessimistic to the point of causing more illnesses and headaches? Remember, what you have no control over should not give you sleeplessness. Sometimes the best cure for these issues is to be oneself and focus on the brighter side of life, which is life. Get yourself occupy with something positive; God, Religion, Spirituality, Studies, Friends, Love ones, Nature or anything pleasant. The choice is yours to be positive, optimistic or negative; pessimistic. I will choose the earlier, for the earlier is more assuring.

Written By

Nancy R. (BSW, MSW, RSW, PhDc)


pes·si·mism /ˈpesəˌmizəm/


  1. a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future. "the dispute cast an air of deep pessimism over the future of the peace talks"

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