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Mission Statement 

F.O.W Foundation of Hope strives to make a difference for women,trans women, and youth within the BIPOC community.  The F.O.W Foundation created an environment for social engagement to build relationships, improve self-worth and mental well-being. Our philosophy reinforces the importance of engaging people to understand their experiences and barriers do not define them.

Our platform provides access to resources and support to help change the narrative of the current situations of women, trans women and youth within the BIPOC Communities. We provide access to resources that steer their lives in a preferred direction to achieve strong social networks that foster a sense of belonging. We offer a way forward and an alternative to social barriers and limitations. Our active programs focus on the communities' unique experiences and needs. Our services include resources and programs in holistic wellness, social interactions, financial literacy and  educational resources, and recreational activities 


F.O.W Foundation of Hope strives on three pillars; Acceptance, Respect for Human Diversity and Challenging Social Injustice.

Acceptance: Our team embraces intercultural competence and encourages differences to make newcomers feel valued, accepted and understood. Our services are inclusive to women, girls, and Trans women who identify as BIPOC . All religions, sexual orientations, and different perspectives are welcomed.

Respect for Human Diversity: We value and embrace multiculturism by celebrating cultural expression and diversity. We provide access to nonjudgmental support which includes asking questions, listening, as well as respecting feelings and experiences.

Challenging Social Injustice: We promote social justice by advocating for this vulnerable population, challenging social stigma and providing equal access to resources that dismantle social isolation. We create an age-friendly and safe space for open dialogues of lived experiences in our workshops and social groups  Our staff and volunteers include members of the BIPOC community to add new perspectives as they are empowered to use their voices for advocacy.

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