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Online Learing, The New Norm?

With the recents events of Covid-19 , A lot of parents have taken the route of online learning as the safest and most effective way to ensure that their children are still able to learn and remain safe during this pandemic. And While this has been effective for most families. A lot of individuals face the harsh reality of what this pandemic and online learning has altered their family dynamic. While some families are able to afford and or have careers that allow them to work from home that  give them the flexibility to sit and engage in the new learning process with their child. Most family are trying to find the balance of having multiple children but not having the right amount of electronic equipment  needed to ensure each child has access to online learning. Some families may not be able to afford internet. We also have to look at the dynamic of language barriers as well. 

Online Class

Youtube has become apart of every child's daily routine. It keeps the children quiet while parents can get things done around the house. while a lot of channel display toys and cartoons. There are also various types of educational and fun science experiments channels that have neat DIY's that are children friendly and fun. 

Here are a few channels we suggest for parents:

  • Smithsonian Channel.

  • The Brain Scoop.

  • Houston Zoo.

  • WordWorldPBS.

  • Sesame Street.

  • TED-Ed.

  • Smart Girls.

  • SoulPancake.

This is a link to  18 DIY science experiments children can do at home.

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